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Before user’s account is monetized, all earning options are off. Also all the timelines are not verified.

Now user is going to monetize his account.


  1. User has successfully signed up and is logged into SocioOn.


  1. Click on “SocioOn” label on top to move on to SocioOn’s dashboard. 
  1. Click on “Upgrade Basic Account” icon.

  1. User is directed to “Upgrade to Earning basic account” page.


  1. Options for basic monetized accounts with respective features are listed on the page.

  1. User selects the “Basic Monetized account 2” having the value of $25 and clicks on “Upgrade Now” button against it. 
  2. A confirmation message will be displayed to the user 
  3. Press OK to continue
  4. Warning message is displayed to the user saying if you send a fake request your account will be blocked for 24 hours.
  5. Select country and payment method for payment.

In this case we have selected “Easy Paisa” option.

  1. A form is opened showing SocioOn phone number on which user can submit amount. 
  2. Enter CNIC name, CNIC number, phone number and email in the fields. Press done button.
  3. Alert message is displayed for valid details entered or not. Your account will be blocked and this purchase amount is not refundable.
  4. Press OK button.
  5. Request is submitted successfully.
  6. At this point, SocioOn will verify the information you have submitted and will approve your request after confirmation. It normally takes 24 to 48hrs.

User can contact on SocioON helpline for any assistance. 03061387699

On approval of request, mentioned number of times lines according to the selected package should have been verified, account earning should be turned on and wallet should also open.

NOTE: All upgrade packages follow the same steps as mentioned above.

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